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SCB and CAD: Expanding the treatment indications

Anchorperson: Prof. Patrick Serruys, Ireland

Moderator: Dr. Azeem Latib, USA

Speakers: Dr. Bernardo Cortese, Dr. Antonio Colombo, Dr. Sameer Dani

Panellists: Dr. Aloke Finn, Dr. Praveen Chandra

Chatmaster: Dr. Damiano Regazzoli

Program Producer: Dr. Jean Fajadet


The ABILITY to TRANSFORM coronary artery disease treatment: innovative nano-technology based sirolimus DES and DCB platforms

Anchorperson: Alexandre Abizaid, Brazil 

Moderator: Dr. Marco Valgimigli, Italy

Speakers: Dr. Fazila Malik, Dr. Luca Testa, Dr. Sandeep Basavarajaiah, Prof. Patrick Serruys, Dr. Prathap Kumar

Panellists : Prof. William Wijns

Chatmaster : Dr. Damiano Regazzoli

Program Producer: Prof. William Wijns

TNT Session

Whatʼs the next in DES Technology? Innovative DES platforms combining DES with DCB

Anchorperson: Prof. Roxana Mehran, USA

Moderator: Prof. Alexandre Abizaid, Brazil

Speaker: Dr. Bernhard Reimers, Dr. Iglesias Juan, Prof. Roxana Mehran, Prof. Alexandre Abizaid 

Panellist: Prof. Marie-Claude Morice, Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor

Chatmaster: Dr. Antonio Mangeri

Program Producer: Dr. Christoph Naber

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Late Break Clinical Trial

Sirolimus Coated Balloon in an all-comer population

The primary endpoint of EASTBOURNE investigator-driven study presented by Dr Bernardo Cortese

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Need clarification?

What is MagicTouch?

MagicTouch is intended for in-stent restenosis, small vessels, bifurcation lesions and de-novo lesions. 

What is Abluminus DES+?

ABLUMINUS DES+ is designed by propriety ENVISOLUTION technology in a way that addresses the unmet clinical needs especially in Diabetes Mellitus and Acute Myocardial infarction patients with Coronary Artery Disease.